Knowledge Acquisition Strategy for OSINT

Our Knowledge Acquisition Strategy for OSINT provides an added value option for organizations and companies to assess and use information resources to efficiently and effectively grow and advance their overall mission. The information used may be data gathered by WebInvestig or the organization’s or company’s existing data.

WebInvestig Methodology Involves:

WebInvestig conduct in depth intel process audits, involving extensive discussions and questionnaires that give detailed views of how an organization works. We examine the staff’s current methods for obtaining the knowledge it needs, as well as assess and clearly define the desired knowledge outcome, which has been unattainable. Upon review of these results; fundamental organizational and strategic issues are usually identified. In most cases, organizational design and strategic direction issues are defined by this evaluation process.

Strategy Design
WebInvestig design knowledge and information strategies, as well as create customized road maps tailored to the organization’s needs, using current infrastructure and human capital assets.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

We are not just an open source intelligence agency. We are in the business of helping public companies and corporations expand their local, regional and global situational awareness by becoming accurately informed via the utilization of actionable intelligence products, supported by training and education, provided by world class analysts and subject matter experts. Our mission is to transform the way the world shares intelligence…

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