WebInvestig is an online platform that connects experienced Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) professionals with external clients who have specific digital investigation needs. Unlike a traditional agency, WebInvestig πŸ•΅ focuses on facilitating connections rather than direct service provision.

Unlike conventional OSINT agencies that directly provide services, WebInvestig πŸ•΅ acts as an intermediary by linking clients with OSINT experts. This approach offers greater flexibility, a wider range of skills, and often more cost-effective solutions for clients.

Clients submit their OSINT requirements on the platform. Registered experts can review these needs and submit proposals based on their expertise. Clients then choose the expert who best fits their requirements.

Opting for WebInvestig πŸ•΅ grants you access to a diverse pool of OSINT experts without the costs and complexities associated with in-house recruitment. You can select specific experts for individual projects without committing to permanent resources.

Experts on WebInvestig πŸ•΅ are carefully vetted and must demonstrate their OSINT experience and skills. You can review ratings and feedback from other clients to gauge the quality of each expert.

WebInvestig πŸ•΅ covers a wide spectrum of OSINT-related projects, including online information collection, social media analysis, competitive intelligence, and much more. Whatever your OSINT needs, there's likely an expert on the platform who can assist.

Simply sign up on the website as a client or expert. Once registered, you can submit your requirements or offer your services as an expert.

Using the platform is free for clients. Experts pay registration no fees but just a commission on successful projects. Pricing details are available during the registration process.

Payments are securely managed through the platform. Clients deposit funds into their WebInvestig πŸ•΅ account, which are then released as project milestones are achieved and validated.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

We are not just an open source intelligence agency. We are in the business of helping public companies and corporations expand their local, regional and global situational awareness by becoming accurately informed via the utilization of actionable intelligence products, supported by training and education, provided by world class analysts and subject matter experts. Our mission is to transform the way the world shares intelligence…

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